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Your personal cryolipolysis treatment

Do you feel unhappy with your body?

A person, who feels good in his or her own body will present him- or herself in a self-confident, vital and successful manner. But not everyone enjoys the benefits of having been given the perfect figure by nature, as the genetic predisposition, the metabolism as well as the lifestyle always play a huge role. Together, we will assess your personal situation and determine the different factors and we will develop an individual therapy, specifically designed to suit your needs.


One element of therapy is the cryolipolysis treatment, which destroys fat cells by controlled cooling. This treatment can be combined with other therapies, such as a change in diet, shock wave therapy for a strengthened and tightened skin and connective tissue as well as building up muscles permanently. Our concept is based on what has proved to be successful:



a medically trained and experienced team will be at your side and will advise you throughout your entire treatment



the fat cells will be reduced by controlled cooling with this innovative therapy


Combined shock wave therapy

this supports the reduction of fat cells and is used as a treatment for cellulite to tighten the connective tissue permanently



for a controlled fat cell reduction, your body will be measured, using modern technologies of the ultrasound diagnostics


Consultation concerning diet and physical activity

together we will develop personal plans and programmes for a healthier lifestyle and help you reduce your weight permanently by changing your diet


Building up muscles

you will be able to use medical equipment of high quality for training as well as receive an individual workout plan for your training at home


Personal support and evaluation

your results will be documented and assessed in personal discussions, this guarantees an individual therapy

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